Sunday, September 09, 2007


We will be posting your reports of mommy/daddy sightings on this blog. So often nannies and other people have commented that they wished they had an avenue to contact the parents of a child they saw being mistreated by one of the parents.
We want to be that resource.
What do we consider mistreatment? There is the obvious physical and mental abuse and then there are the subtle things that just don't look right to the casual observer. The observer may be incorrect in what they assess to be wrong, but better safe than sorry. Some people set very high standards of care for their child and a mother/father ignoring the child while spending an hour on her cellphone would be unacceptable. Other people might find such reports as petty.
The best we can hope for is to get the information to the child's other parent and let them follow up with other people closer to the situation.

Submissions may be emailed to . Or submissions may be submitted as anonymous comments to this post (they will be edited for content before appearing on the site).
If you are able to capture a photograph of the parent or something that identifies the parent, ie the vehicle she/he was driving, please do enclose that.
We will edit all photographs to hide the identity of any children in the photograph.
All parent photographs will be headed to block her/his actual identity (while retaining some information relevant to recognition).
Please include as much information as you are able in your submission:Physical description of parent, photograph and/or first name of parent
.Physical description/age/first name of involved child.Description of vehicle, bag, stroller that may aid in identifying involved parent.
Address or venue of observed incident.
Date and time of incident.
Detailed description of what you witnessed.
Photograph file attachment or URL of photo if possible: